Liner Carton FFS Machine (AIP-14)

Liner Carton FFS Machine (AIP-14)

Liner Carton FFS Machine (AIP-14) is an operator friendly and a low maintenance machine

It is an intermittent machine and can be used for packing a wide range of products such as Ghee, Refined Oil, Coffee, Tea, Spices and other Liquids and Dry Products
The basic machine is extremely robust and all operations are driven mechanically
All Contact Parts are of Stainless Steel
A variety of filling devices are available for virtually any type of product
Includes a double track conveyer at carton exit

M/C Mechanism  




14 Stations Rated



15-20 cartons /min. (depends upon product and pack size)

Power consumption         

6KW approx (depending upon equipment configuration)

Electric Supply

3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz

Main Motor

1.5KW, 415V, 3 Phases 1440 RPM



1600 Kg.


Packing Limit

50gms - 1000gms / 50ml - 1000ml

Temp. Controller 

PID based

Machine Colour 

Shell Grey

Product to be packed

Liquids / Powders / Granules

Coding Unit

Embossing station provided (digits not included)

Packing Material

Duplex carton with heat sealable liner attached inside

Floor Space

Space4500 x 2500mm


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