Collar type ffs machine (AIP/CF/450)

Collar Type Ffs Machine (AIP/CF/450)

 Collar type ffs machine (AIP/CF/450)


Sealing Style

Centre Seal


50-80 Strokes / minute maximum
(Depends upon the type of product & quantity to be filled)

Packing Material

Laminate with heat sealable layer on one side

Product To Be Packed

Non-Free flowing Powder/ Spices/Salt/Tea etc.

Servo Make




Power Consumption

4-5 KW Appx.

Max. Roll width

450 mm

Max. Roll dia

350 mm

Reel Core dia

76 mm

Main Motor

2.2 KW , 3 Phase, 415 VAC

Dimension of Machine

Length 2000 mm 
Width 1500 mm 
Height 3000 mm

Machine Weight

Net Weight 1500 Kg

Gross Weight 2000 Kg

Air Compressor

3 HP, 6Kg/cm sq

Temp Controller

PID Based

Machine Color

Shell Grey

Vertical & Horizontal Sealing

Mechanically Cam Driven

Batch Cutter Operation


Film Draw Off

Clutch Break

Film Tracking



Fully controlled by Servo

Display Setting

Through Touch Panel Screen


Machine Covered by Acrylic Sheet

Machine Structure

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